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Onshore Oklahoma Oil
 field survey
 USA Independent

  • Survey of an onshore basin located in Oklahoma, USA
  • Surface terrain comprised low lying farmland
  • Adrok trained on 1 drilled well location (for oil, gas & sedimentary rock layer signatures) in basin
  • Adrok did not train or typecast on any cored rock samples
  • Adrok processed and predicted the virtual borehole log (before spudding commenced)
  • Client’s needs were for Adrok to prognose tops of Wilcox rock
  • Depth of ADR penetration was over 7500ft
  • Prospect site was approximately 1km offset from training well location
  • The results of the Adrok survey were compared to the actual drilling results
  • No HSE accidents

Adrok’s Prognosis in March 2010 (before client’s drilling)

Drilling and testing has confirmed Adrok’s predictions

  • Adrok’s depth accuracy to oil & gas accumulation was 0.3%
  • The initial well has now been completed and is producing:
  • 1,400,000 cubic feet of gas per day
  • 22 barrels of oil per day