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May 2024


As a presenter at GESGB (Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain) PETEX events since 2008, Adrok's CEO is delighted to be volunteering on the PETEX Programme Committee this year. 📣 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - SUBMISSION DEADLINE: FRIDAY 31 MAY 2024 PETEX 2024 ‘The Future of Energy Geoscience – Tomorrows World Today’ PETEX is the largest subsurface-focused E&P conference and exhibition in the UK, now with a broader scope to include the energy transition and associated industries. This reflects our continuing need for hydrocarbon-derived energy and products, and the long heritage of the event, whilst reflecting the changing energy mix and advances in other energy sources. We welcome submissions that cover oil and gas, cross-sector technologies, innovations and geoscience applications within the energy transition and associated industries, from Early Career Professionals alongside the more experienced individuals and academics. 💻 Visit the PETEX 2024 website to find out more about the themes and to submit your abstract: https://lnkd.in/gD8jFGWC

April 2024

Adrok opens ‘skunkworks’ at the home of James Clerk Maxwell’s Electromagnetics

The opening of this new Skunkworks facility in Edinburgh, Scotland (the home of James Clerk Maxwell's foundation of electromagnetics science), will allow Adrok to continue to push the boundaries of its groundbreaking radar and electromagnetic technologies through Adrok's Advanced Development Programs (AADPs). Projects will be developed inhouse and also in collaboration with external collaborators keen to better understand the Earth's subsurface to help find and delineate natural resources. The initial focus will be on pioneering ground electromagnetics for accelerating the discovery of Critical Minerals for the electrification markets. Further developments will continue on Adrok's ADP for electromagnetic technologies for the geothermal exploration market to help in the Energy Transition and the race for Net Zero. Going forward, Adrok's skunkworks motto is: "If you want to discover new things, you will either need to look in new places or try new methodologies".

December 2023

GESGB Geophysics Seminar 2023 (Co-located event) Geophysics Applications in the New Energy World

Presentation: Earth-Friendly Subsurface Geothermal Surveillance Technology by Gordon Stove (presenter), K.van den Doel – Adrok, R. Baria – EGS, H. Glass – University of Exeter

Download Technical programme

November 2023

The Geological Society's Energy Group: The 10th UK Geothermal Symposium

Come see our technical poster at Burlington House (London), Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd November 2023.

Empirical and simulated earth-friendly subsurface geothermal surveillance technology, G. Stove, K. van den Doel (both Adrok), R. Baria (EGS Energy), H. Glass (the University of Exeter)


September 2023

EAGE Near Surface Group 2023 presentation

Come hear our presentation on our latest Environmentally-friendly technology for near surface geoscience surveys in Edinburgh on 4th September 2023 at EAGE Near Surface Group 2023 conference. https://eagensg.org/technical-programme-schedule/

August 2023

SEG2023 presentation

Come and here all about our Green technology for mineral exploration at the Society of Economic Geology's (SEG2023) Conference in London on 25th & 26th August 2023.

Presentation title: Environmentally Friendly Low Impact, Low Carbon Footprint, Low Power Electromagnetic Technique for Mineral Exploration Undercover


August 2023

Canadian Patent Granted

Canadian Patent No 2938455 Adrok Limited IP Title: Method Of Identifying Reflected Signals

August 2023

First Break Technical Article published

Read our latest publication...

Environmentally Friendly Low Impact, Low Carbon Footprint, Low Power Electromagnetic Technique for Mineral Exploration

June 2023

ISO Quality accreditations secured for 14th consecutive year

We are delighted to announce that we have secured our continued ISO9001 and ISO27001 Quality Systems certification. We continue to be committed to continuous business improvements, customer delight, customer for life and the best supplier management practices as part of Adrok's Core Values.

June 2023

EAGE2023 Technical Conference Paper

Deep detection range test for a low frequency subsurface radar system (with reviewable data available online)

  • Authors: Stove, G., Doel, van den, K. (Adrok Ltd), Edwards, T.M. (ICL Boulby), Paling, S.M., Scovell, P.R. (UKRI STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory)
  • DOI: 10.3997/2214-4609.2023101348
  • Conference: 84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
April 2023

USA Patent Granted

US Patent No 11,604,302 entitled 'Method For Determining Material And/Or Subsurface Temperatures' has been granted.

February 2023

SPE Geothermal Seminar 2023

Adrok present at SPE Geothermal Seminar 2023 virtual event in the Geothermal Subsurface Modelling session. The title of our presentation is: Using low carbon, low cost, low risk, high value-adding electromagnetic technology to help in the race to net zero.


November 2022

Northern Lithium takes a step closer to unlocking critical domestic source of lithium for the UK

Northern Lithium reaches an important new milestone in its programme to produce lithium in the North East of England, with the successful completion of its first exploration borehole and confirmation of the presence of economically viable concentrations of lithium in brines. Against the backdrop of rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and ongoing geopolitical instability, today’s announcement puts the UK one step closer to unlocking a secure, low-carbon source of lithium in the North East of England. Adrok are proud to be working with Northern Lithium on this project and helping take another step towards a carbon free future. https://www.northernlithium.co.uk/northern-lithium-takes-a-step-closer-to-unlocking-critical-domestic-source-of-lithium-for-the-uk/

September 2022

Mining and Metals Central Asia 2022

Looking forward to participating in the Mining and Metals Central Asia 2022 exhibition with the UK Government's DTI Trade Mission delegation in Kazakhstan.

June 2022


The highly interdisciplinary group of researchers, practitioners and musicians, Sijin Chen, Kees van den Doel, Colin Stove, Gordon Stove, Make Li, James Harkins and Lin Zhang, present "Adrok Sonification Concert: Three Improvisations" at ICAD 2022, the 27th International Conference on Auditory Display, held virtually on June 25 and 26, 2022.

June 2022

EAGE 2022 Technical Paper & Presentation

Non-Conventional Geophysical Methods and Remote Sensing

Come hear our talk on "The use of stacked radio waves as a qualitative proxy for geothermal potential across England" in the Geophysics Potential Field Methods session on Wednesday 8th June 2022 Madrid, Spain at 5.15PM (CEST) https://eage.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/eageannual2022/tp-ws-schedule/Agenda/AgendaItemDetail?id=4f76e9db-ee98-4d27-a11f-0c07f26b640a

EAGE 2022 (https://eage.eventsair.com/eageannual2022)

May 2022

Canadian Patent Grant

Our Canada Patent No 2875913 "Methods for Determining Material and/or Subsurface Composition" has been granted.

April 2022

Geophysics Seminar 2022

Come hear our talk on "Green Technology to Help Calculate Subsurface Geothermal Zones and Temperatures before Drilling" and our CEO participate in the panel debate on the "Future of Geophysics in the Energy Transition" at the PESGB 2022 Geophysics Seminar at the Geological Society, London, 20th & 21st April 2022. https://www.pesgb.org.uk/events/geophysics-seminar-2022/

March 2022

European Patent Grant

Our European Patent No 2862003 "Methods for Determining Material and/or Subsurface Composition" has been granted.

November 2021

GET2021 Technical Presentation

Geothermal Resource Mapping and Assessment II

Watch our technical talk on "Green Technology to help calculate subsurface geothermal zones and temperatures before drilling" at 3:30pm to 3:45pm CET on Thursday 25th November 2021 at GET2021, the 2nd EAGE Geoscience and Engineering for the Energy Transition Conference.

GET2021 (eventsair.com)

November 2021


Come and hear our presentation on the "Delineation of Carboniferous Shales in the Bowland Basin Using Stacked Radio Waves" at Petex2021 on Thursday 25th November 2021 at 12pm, London.


October 2021

EAGE 2021 Annual Conference

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Kees van den Doel, presents "Subsurface Temperature Measurement Using Electrogmagnetic Waves and Machine Learning for Enhanced Oil Recovery" on Tuesday October 19, 2021. Technical Paper abstract: https://www.earthdoc.org/content/papers/10.3997/2214-4609.202011129

October 2021

Focus on Geothermal

Adrok's CEO, Gordon Stove, will be presenting Adrok's latest geothermal research and development in Webinar – Technology to find geothermal zones before drilling, Oct. 15, 2021.

Talk title: Green technology for finding subsurface geothermal zones from ground level before drilling

Registration for the event can be found here: Webinar – Technology to find geothermal zones before drilling, Oct. 15, 2021 (thinkgeoenergy.com)

September 2021

Congratulations to our Founding Inventor becoming Honorary Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society

We are delighted to announce that our Founding Inventor, Dr G. Colin Stove, has been awarded (by invitation) Honorary Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (https://www.rsgs.org/).

September 2021


We are delighted to have signed-up as an SME Business user on Pawprint's awesome platform to help monitor and reduce our carbonfootprint to help Adrok's quest to reaching Net Zero as soon as possible. For more details on Pawprint's tools please visit https://www.pawprint.eco/ and watch their video at https://youtu.be/Qglz_Pdk1tU

August 2021

We are proudly continuing our Sponsorship of PESGB into the Energy Transition

August 2021

Geologize LIVE with Prof Iain Stewart

If you're not enrolled on Geologize LIVE, now would be a good time to do so. Ask all your geocommunication strategy questions to Prof. Iain Stewart this Friday. Register here: https://lnkd.in/gUeem7w With thanks to our Gold Sponsor Adrok Ltd.


August 2021


Our CSO’s peer-reviewed and accepted paper for presentation at the  2020 ICEAA-IEEE APWC, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA  conference will be presented online on Thursday 12th August 2021 at 11:30am Hawaii time https://www.iceaa-offshore.org/j3/

August 2021

European Patent Grant

Our European Patent No 3105621B "Method of Identifying Reflected Signals" has been granted.

April 2021

EAGE IOR2021 online technical presentation

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Kees van den Doel, presents technical paper at IOR2021 virtual technical conference on 21st April 2021.

Full Paper: Monitoring subsurface temperature from radar scans using machine learning with applications to EOR using thermal injection

Video presentation: https://youtu.be/35RzSS_uPUk

Conference webpage: https://eage.eventsair.com/ior2021/

March 2021

SAGEEP 2021 online technical presentation

Talk: Finding water using a pulsed radar system

Technical Programme Agenda

December 2020

Congratulations to Adrok for being Semi-Finalists of the Water Council Tech Challenge 2020

Congratulations to Adrok for being Semi-Finalist in the Water Council's Tech Challenge 2020. A copy of our presentation is can be downloaded here.

December 2020

EAGE 2020 Amsterdam

Key Innovations and Potential Game Changers (Dedicated Session), Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 2:30PM to 5:20PM. Paper Number #1129. Title: Subsurface temperature measurement using electromagnetic waves and machine learning for enhanced oil recovery

December 2020

European Mining Convention 2020

Adrok’s CEO will be presenting Adrok’s technology and Mineral Exploration case studies at this year’s European Mining Convention https://europeanminingconvention.com/conference/speakers

Adrok will also be hosting a virtual booth https://europeanminingconvention.com/exhibition/exhibitors

The conference is on 8th and 9th December 2020

Presentation video: https://youtu.be/XXNkmxIZuVs

November 2020

The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) talk

Adrok have been invited by IOM3 to present a talk about Sensors in Mining organised by their MinSouth chapter.   Our talk entitled “Low carbon, low cost, low risk, high value-adding technology for mineral exploration” will take place on Thursday 12th November 2020 online at https://minsouth.org.uk/event/sensors-in-mining/  6pm to 8pm. 

October 2020

Genoa Science Festival Genoa Science Festival

We are proud to be presenting our research project in Sonification at the Genoa Science Festival.  https://www.starts.eu/agenda/starts-talks-genoa-2020-science-festival/detail/

Our presentation is at 18:00 CEST on 28th October 2020


Harmony in geophysical remote sensing: How sonification reveals correlation in data and inspires music composition Gordon Stove, CEO, Adrok Colin Stove, Founder&Chairman, Adrok Kees van den Doel, Chief Scientific Officer, Adrok Sijin Chen, Pianist, Researcher, Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany Yikeshan Abudushalamu, Composer, Shanghai, China

October 2020

Geothermal Resources Council 2020

Adrok presents paper “Helping DE-RISK the EXPLORATION for suitable GEOTHERMAL drill targets”. This year’s Annual Meeting will be a Virtual Conference gathering.  More information can be found at https://geothermal.org/

Video of presentation: https://youtu.be/InzDmAnb8yU

September 2020

EAGE Mineral Exploration Symposium presentation

Watch Adrok’s virtual presentation at the EAGE Mineral Exploration Symposium 18th September 2020 https://eage.eventsair.com/mineral-exploration-symposium/

Title: Progress towards the development of a sulfide targeting tool for mineral exploration under cover

Presenter: Dr Simon Richards (Chief Geologist)  Recorded video of talk can be found here: https://youtu.be/YJIljo4EoXU


Technical Paper: https://www.earthdoc.org/content/papers/10.3997/2214-4609.202089013

September 2020

Adrok sponsors Geologize Training Course

We’re delighted to be the first ever corporate sponsor of Geologize’s training course in Practical Geocommunications.   For details visit http://geologize.org/training/  Course starts on 15th September 2020.  Information pack can be downloaded herePractical_Geocommunication_Course_information_pack__1_.pdf

August 2020


Our CSO’s peer-reviewed and accepted paper for presentation at the  2020 ICEAA-IEEE APWC conference originally scheduled to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on 10-14 August 2020 has now been delayed until next year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.    

Further information will be posted on the conference website (https://www.iceaa-offshore.org), as it becomes available.

July 2020

Investors in People Gold award

Adrok are delighted to announce that we’ve been upgraded with the award of the Investors In People Gold accreditation, acknowledging our commitment to leading and supporting the people we work with.

June 2020

National Centre for Earth Observation Conference

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Kees van Den Doel, presents online at NCEO CEOI Virtual Conference 25 June 2020


May 2020

Patent granted China

We are pleased to report that our first ever Chinese Patent No ZL201580008152.9 by Adrok’s Chief Scientific Officer, entitled Method of Identifying Reflected Signals has been fully granted.

April 2020

SPE 2020 Western Regional Meeting

Pulsed Radiowave Technique To Remotely Measure Subsurface Temperature Without Drilling

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, the SPE2020 WRM event has been postponed.  We’ll have to wait a while longer for Adrok’s technical presentation.


March 2020



Adrok’s technical presentation at SAGEEP2020 (https://www.sageep.org/) which was scheduled for 10am on 31st March 2020 in the Electromagnetics II session will no longer be taking place due to the cancellation of the event as a result of the global spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


November 2019

Outward Bound Trust

Adrok are delighted to be sponsoring Scotlands Next Generation 2020 programme with Outward Bound Trust https://www.outwardbound.org.uk/

October 2019

Geophysics Journal paper acceptance

Please read our peer-reviewed Geopysics Journal paper online at the Society of Geophysics website:


July 2019

Adrok successfully completes OGTC project onshore UK

Adrok successfully completes OGTC project onshore UK with Transgas and Cuadrilla.   Their feedback onAdrok’s surveying experience can be downloaded here:


Download Adrok’s project presentation  

June 2019

Photonics & Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) 2019

Technical presentation on Tuesday 18th June 2019 in Rome, Italy

“Calculation of Optimal Noise Levels for the Detection of Conductive Lenses in Permafrost with Low Frequency Pulsed Radar



June 2019

AAPG Hedberg Conference 2019

Tecnical presentation on Tuesday 18 June 2019 at 2:30pm “Using a deep penetrating radar system to detect and locate subsurface oil and gas”

AAPG Hedberg Conference Hydrocarbon Microseepage: Recent Advances, New Applications, and Remaining Challenges 18-20 June 2019, Houston, Texas, United States


June 2019

Patent granted USA

We are pleased to report that United States Patent Application No 15/117,289 by Adrok’s Chief Scientific Officer, entitled Method Of Identifying Reflected Signals has been fully granted.

April 2019

Finding Petroleum - New Geophysical Approaches

Dr David Waters presenting independent, unbiased review of Atomic Dielectric Resonance technologies for oil and gas onshore UK. Tuesday, April 30, 2019, London,  The Geological Society. http://www.findingpetroleum.com/event/New-Geophysical-Approaches/54230.aspx

Watch the video of the presentation here: https://youtu.be/XvjrExj7CQk

The presentation slide deck can be found here:


December 2018

Adrok kicks-off OGTC supported onshore UK fieldwork

Adrok kicks-off OGTC supported onshore UK emissions-reducing project in Lancashire. https://www.netzerotc.com/solution-centre/projects/case-studies/adrok-adr-virtual-borehole/

December 2018


Adrok presents at PESGB’s Prospex2018 conference in London Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th December 2018:


November 2018


An independent geoscientific assessment of Adrok’s technology performance will be presented as a Technical Poster at this year’s Petex 2018 event in London in November 2018 (https://www.petex.info/)

Download a copy of our poster presentation:  20181119_PETEX_Poster_2P.pdf

October 2018

CSEG Recorder technical paper

Technical Article published in CSEG Recorder October 2018 edition -  Hydrogeophysics: The Past, Present & Future.

Paper:  “Extending the reach of radio waves for subsurface water detection” by Gordon Stove.  https://csegrecorder.com/articles/view/extending-the-reach-of-radio-waves-for-subsurface-water-detection

Abstract available free here:  https://csegrecorder.com/blog/view/abstract-extending-the-reach-of-radio-waves-for-subsurface-water-detection

Full CSEG Recorder edition available from https://csegrecorder.com/

October 2018

Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting Conference & Expo 2018

Geothermal’s Role in Today’s Energy Market

14-17 October, 2018

Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Reno, Nevada, USA

Adrok Technical Presentation at 9am, Wednesday 17th October 2018



October 2018

Technical paper publication

[PDF] Modeling and Simulation of Low Frequency Subsurface Radar Imaging in Permafrost

K van den Doel, G Stove – 2018

We describe simulated low frequency subsurface radar scans targeting the detection of a liquid water layer, or some other reflector such as conductive sulfides, under permafrost. A finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) and ray tracing simulation …

Computer Science and Information Technology 6(3): 40-45, 2018

DOI: 10.13189/csit.2018.060302


September 2018

EAGE 24th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics


Workshop:  Worldwide Mineral Exploration Challenges and Cost-Effective Geophysical Methods

Session 3:  Electromagnetic Technology

Presentation at 14:30pm: Large Depth Exploration Using Pulsed Radar Electromagnetic Technology by G. Stove


July 2018

Chevron signs 3 year extension mapping agreement with Adrok

Following recent successes, our current agreement has been extended by 3 years

June 2018

Resources for Future Generations 2018

Come and hear Adrok’s latest developments at the first ever Resources for Future Generations (RFG2018) event in Vancouver, Canada at 9:30am Wednesday 20th June 2018, Room 203  http://www.rfg2018.org/


June 2018

Global Petroleum Show 2018

Come and see our Technical Presentation at North America’s leading energy event in June 12-14, 2018 at Stampede Park, Calgary, Canada.

Abstract #GPS18-109

February 2018

Scottish Oil Club 40th Annual Dinner

Adrok sponsors Scottish Oil Club annual dinner in Edinburgh 23rd February 2018 http://www.scottishoilclub.org.uk/180223.htm

February 2018

Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference 2018 (AEGC)

Our CEO, Gordon Stove, presents Adrok’s latest technology developments in measuring subsurface temperature at the AEGC2018 conference in Sydney, Australia. These new breakthrough ADR technologies have beneficial applications in finding sources of geothermal heat and for monitoring steam injections for Enhanced Oil Recovery applications.

November 2017

Patent granted Australia

Australian Patent #2013276319 Granted, entitled “Methods for Determining Material and/or Subsurface Composition”

October 2017

Gensource Potash provides update on the next-stage resource confirmation work with Adrok in its Vanguard Area

With its goal to help bring potash production into the 21st century, Gensource has teamed up with Adrok Ltd. ("ADROK"), to investigate the use of their patented and exclusive Atomic Dielectric Resonance (ADR) imaging technology, for the mapping and delineation of the potash members within the Prairie Evaporite. The main aim for the project is for ADROK to deploy their ADR technology for a proof of concept survey looking at potash deposits, with the aim to establish confidence that ADR can assist Gensource's exploration and resource evaluation efforts. The project included data collection from 13 virtual boreholes ("V-bores"). For more details... https://gensourcepotash.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/GSP-NR-Update-On-Vanguard-Area-Resource-Confirmation-Activities-19Oct2017.pdf

October 2017

AAPG2017 London

Come and here about Adrok’s Enhanced Oil Recovery & Surveillance projects with Chevron at AAPG2017 in London 15-18 October 2017 http://london2017.iceevent.org/

October 2017


Visit Adrok’s booth at Exploration17 in Toronto 22-25 October 2017 http://www.exploration17.com/

July 2017

Investors In People and ISO certification

Adrok are delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded the Investors In People Silver accreditation, acknowledging our commitment to leading and supporting the people we work with.

Additionally, we’ve also recently achieved ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification, recognising our standard of quality and security management.

June 2017

Cleantech Innovation Showcase 2017

The Rushlight Summer Showcase will see Adrok & IGas present at the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Round 3 Showcase at the Royal Geographical Society, London.

June 2017

ICAD 2017 presentation

Adrok’s Dr Kees van den Doel will be presenting some of our novel research and development projects at the ICAD 2017 Sound in Learning conference at the Pennsylvania State University on Wednesday 21st June 2017  

http://icad.org/icad2017/program-2/complete-program.html .

June 2017

FUTORES II International Conference

Adrok’s Gold prospecting project with Citigold will be presented by Dr Simon Richards at FUTORES II (Future Understanding of Tectonics, Ores, Resources, Environment and Sustainability) in tropical Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 4-7 June 2017 at James Cook University https://www.jcu.edu.au/futores

May 2017

Achilles FPAL acceptance

Adrok becomes an accredited member of the Achilles FPAL Supplier management community supporting the European oil & gas industry.  http://www.achilles.com/en/communities/101-fpal

April 2017

Adrok moves up to 2nd in IP100 league table 2017

We’re delighted to announce Adrok has moved up to second place in the UK’s 2017’s Intellectual Property League Table,IP100.  Adrok was ranked 5th in 2016’s first ever UK IP100 table.


April 2017

AAPG Europe Region presentation

Come and hear our AAPG presentation at Durham University on Wednesday 26th April 2017

New method for monitoring steam injection for EOR & findings sources of geothermal heatGordon Stove, Adrok


April 2017

SU2P Symposium 2017

Adrok’s Dr Ronald Gallgher presents in Laboratory rock & core sample scanning technology at SU2P Symposium 2017 http://www.su2p.com/

Download Adrok’s presentation here

March 2017

Finding Petroleum

Why electromagnetics have the potential to massively add value to seismic exploration

Adrok has been invited to present at Finding Petroleum event in London on 9th March 2017:  http://www.findingpetroleum.com/event/New-Geophysical-Technologies/3e382.aspx

Download proceedings article http://bit.ly/Mar17newgeo

Watch the video of the presentation Why electromagnetics have the potential to massively add value to seismic exploration

New Geophysical Approaches Thursday, March 9, 2017

November 2016


We will be presenting a Technical Poster at this year’s Petex 2016 event in London on Wednesday 16th November 2016 (https://www.petex.info/)  Download programme here.

October 2016

Uptech Upstream Oil & Gas Summit

Adrok are delighted to be participating in this event in Banff, Canada http://www.uptechbanff.com/ .  If you are interested in meeting with us there, please get in touch revolution@adrokgroup.com.

October 2016

InnovateUK project with IGas plc

Energy Catalyst – Early Stage Feasibility – Round 3 Project for innovative remote sensing to increase onshore UK gas production commences.  Download project description here.

June 2016

EAGE2016 Technical Presentation

Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Kees van den Doel, will be presenting a paper at EAGE2016 in Vienna on 1st June 2016 in the Innovative Technologies session.


March 2016

North Atlantic Craton 2016

Adrok present Case Studies from mineral exploration projects in Canada, Ireland and Scotland at the BGS event in Edinburgh on 23rd March 2016. http://www.bgs.ac.uk/NAC2016/

February 2016

Adrok sponsors and supports Mental Health campaigner Josh Quigley, The Tartan Explorer, charity cycle challenge across Scotland and Europe

Two people die in Scotland every day because of suicide and that it is the biggest killer of men under 35. To tackle this, a global suicide prevention movement has been initiated by Josh Quigley, The Tartan Explorer. The movement which started in November 2015 has already touched the hearts of over 1 million people in over 40 countries worldwide and counting. We proudly support Josh's campaign and wish him every success with his cycle across Europe, volunteering and working with various mental health charities, speaking with mental health professionals to find out what is being done to help people struggling with their mental health.

November 2015

Anchors aweigh!

Adrok wins a multi-million pound deal for developing a subsea Adrok ADR Scanner to be deployed from an ROV

September 2015

AAPG/SEG International Conference & Exhibition 2015 Melbourne

Visit Adrok’s Booth and learn more about our geophysical services at AAPG | SEG 2015 International Conference & Exhibition (ICE) 13-16 September, in Melbourne, Australia (http://ice.aapg.org/2015)

July 2015

Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS)

PIERS 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic, 06-09 July, 2015

Come hear about our latest work on water detection. Numerical Simulation of Aquifer Detection Using Low Frequency Pulsed Radar

K. van den Doel (University of British Columbia, Canada) and M. Robinson (Adrok Ltd., United Kingdom)

April 2015

World Geothermal Congress 2015

Come visit Adrok’s booth at the World Geothermal Congress in Melbourne, Australia, 19 – 24 April 2015

For more information about the congress, go to: http://wgc2015.com.au

March 2015

Virgin competition

We are pleased to announce that Adrok have been selected to go live with our “Pitch to Rich 2015” entry with Virgin. 

Please follow the link below to vote for us!   


February 2015


Come and meet us Down Under at Booth 69 at the 24th International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition, Perth, Western Australia 15 to 18 February 2015. Also hear us give a Technical talk and hear from one of our Australian Client’s experiences of using our Survey Services and technology on Tuesday 17 February 2015.

October 2014

Society of Exploration Geophysicists 2014

Come and hear Adrok’s Technology Presentation in collaboration with the University of British Columbia and Teck Resources at the SEG 2014 Annual Meeting in Denver on 30th October 2014 at 10:10am in the MG2 New Methods and Developments session. http://seg.org/  10:10 AM….. Ground penetrating abilities of broadband pulsed radar in the 1-70MHz range — K. van den Doel *, U. of British Columbia; J. Jansen, Teck Resources Limited; M. Robinson, G. C, Stove, and G. D. C. Stove, Adrok Ltd. (MG 2.5) (INT. AUD.: 3).

September 2014

Prince's Trust Million Maker's Challenge

We are delighted to announce that we have an Adrok team raising money for the Prince’s Trust charity in this year’s Prince’s Trust Million Maker’s Challenge (Charity Registration No. 1079675). The Trust aims to support 58,000 vulnerable young people, helping to give them the skills and confidence to find a job.

Adrok’s CEO has been a mentor for The Prince’s Trust for over a year and as a part of Adrok’s in-house team building exercise he introduced them to a process called Million Maker. The team presented their plan to a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style team as to how they would raise £10,000 on top of £1,500 of sponsorship from the Dragons.

We would be grateful if you could pledge your generous support at: https://www.justgiving.com/Adrok-MMakers/ or by texting ARMM99 £5 (money amount) to 70070 from your mobile phone. (Please note that the collections will expire on 31st January 2015.) Thanking you kindly!

Download our letter of authority.

September 2014

DUG Eagleford Exhibition

Come visit us at Booth Number 8055

Sept. 15-17, 2014San Antonio, Texas, USAHenry B. Gonzalez Conv. Ctr.


August 2014

Kansas Next Step 2014

Adrok presents at Kansas Next Step 2014 conference http://kansasnextstep.org/

July 2014

Adrok wins Investors in People Accreditation

Adrok awarded Investors In People Accreditation in recognition of the way Adrok treats, trains and values its team of “Adrokers”.

June 2014

Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show 2014

Come and visit Adrok at booth 1401 at the Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show 2014 in St John’s, Newfoundland. Check out Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show 2014

March 2014

North Atlantic Craton Conference 2014

Adrok presents technical presentation at North Atlantic Craton Conference 2014 at the University of St Andrews. The event was organised by the Cardiff and St. Andrews University Chapters of the Society of Economic Geologists, and the Applied Mineralogy Special Interest Group of The Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, in conjunction with the British Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. Check out North Atlantic Craton Conference 2014

January 2014

Adrok makes encouraging progress with new Atomic Dielectric Resonance application for Gold exploration

Adrok makes encouraging progress with applying its Atomic Dielectric Resonance technology to searching for Gold with Australian Gold Exploration Company, Citigold, as reported in Citigold’s latest Quarterly Report.

Download Quarterly Report

August 2013

Adrok challenges exploration industry to be ‘less boring’

Adrok, the developers of a revolutionary subsurface scanner offering a greener, faster and cheaper way to explore for resources, are challenging the industry to be ‘less boring’ with the launch of its new marketing strategy. The ‘It’s less boring with Adrok’ campaign highlights the major cost and environmental benefits of using the company’s innovative scanner to explore for oil&gas and minerals.

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August 2013

Adrok adds global mining financier to its board

Adrok, the Scottish developers of a deep subsurface scanner used in the exploration of minerals and oil and gas, has further boosted its board with the appointment of a mining finance expert. Investment analyst Willie McLucas, a well-known fundraiser in the global junior mining sector, has joined Adrok as a non-executive director and will advise on global mining opportunities. Last month, Adrok also appointed oil and gas entrepreneur Alan Faichney as a non-executive director.

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July 2013

Adrok boosts team with appointment of oil industry entrepreneur

Adrok, the Scottish developers of a deep subsurface scanner used in the exploration of minerals and oil and gas, have bolstered their board with the appointment of one of the oil industry’s most respected businessmen as Non-­‐Executive Director. Alan Faichney, who has a held a number of key technical and strategic roles in the aerospace and exploration industries throughout his career, willwork with Adrok to help them build on their recent global successes.

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July 2013

Adrok brings advanced exploration technology to Canada

The Scottish developers of a deep subsurface scanner offering a faster, cheaper and greener alternative to traditional seismic exploration methods, are expanding operations with a new Canadian office. Adrok Canada will provide a base to service existing clients in the region as well as develop business within the country’s booming mineral exploration industry.

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May 2013

Adrok Director to contest top entrepreneurial award

Gordon Stove, Managing Director of Adrok, is one of 29 Scottish business leaders in the running to be named Ernst & Young Scotland Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013.

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February 2013

Adrok Geosciences launches in the US

The Scottish developers of a deep subsurface scanner, offering a faster, cheaper and greener alternative to traditional seismic exploration methods, have opened a base in Houston, Texas. Adrok Geosciences will focus on working with the exploration and prospecting industry in the US and Canada.

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September 2012

Technical Paper published in International Journal of Remote Sensing

Volume 34, Issue 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2012.713529

G.C. Stove, J. McManus, M.J. Robinson, G.D.C. Stove & A. Odell

Pages 303-324

Received: 18 Jan 2012 Accepted: 02 Jul 2012 Version of record first published: 10 Sep 2012 http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01431161.2012.713529

July 2012

Petex 2012

Come and visit our Booth at Earls Court 2, London from 20-22 November 2012. For more information go to www.petex.info

May 2012

Adrok signs-up experienced Geophysicist

Experienced Geophysicist, Barrett Cameron, joins Adrok as Business Development Agent in Australia. If you are interested in onshore surveys for Oil, Gas and/or minerals in Australia area please contact: Rapid Geophysics Pty Ltd Barrett Cameron, Managing Director – Geophysicist +61 (0) 407 885 592

April 2012

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

http://archives.aapg.org/longbeach2012/ – Wed 25th April, 2012 Come and learn about Adrok’s latest technology developments at the AAPG2012 conference in California, USA. Our presentation can be found in the Technical Program under Theme 10: Geophysics and Seismology – Microseismics, Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing on Wednesday 25th April 2012 at 2:20pm in Oral Room 104 C.

December 2011

Adrok secures investment of more than £3 million

Edinburgh-based technology company Adrok Ltd today announced an investment of more than £3 million from key client, Teck Resources Limited – a Canada-based diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, steelmaking coal, zinc and energy.

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November 2011

GEORES 2011 Scottish Minerals Conference

Tuesday 15th November, 2011. Adrok is presenting at this prestigious conference organised by the Mining Institute of Scotland (MIS) and the Central Scotland Regional Group of the Geological Society at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh.

August 2011

Kansas Next Step 2011 Oil & Gas Seminar

www.kansasnextstep.org – Thursday 4th August, 2011 Adrok is delighted to be presenting at the Kansas Next Step 2011 Oil & Gas Seminar at the Fox Pavillion, 1202 Main Street, Hays, Kansas, following a personal invitation from their Executive Director.

May 2011

Technical presentation at the 73rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC

Come and see Adrok’s Technical presentation at the 73rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPECVienna, Austria (EAGE 2011) on Thursday 26th May 2011 Time: 15:30 in Room Strauss 3 Title: I045 Ground Penetrating Abilities of a New LIDAR-like Imaging Spectrometer G. Stove* (Adrok Ltd) & G.C. Stove (Adrok Ltd)

November 2010

PETEX 2010, 23 - 25 November

Earls Court 2, Warwick Road, London, UK, on Thursday 25 November 2010 Attend Adrok’s presentation on Applied Technology in Hall 1 at 12:05pm (www.petex.info).

October 2010

SEG 2010, 17 - 22 October

Adrok at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition & 80th Annual General Meeting (www.seg.org) Booth 2572 in Hall C of the Colorado Convention Centre, Denver, Colorado USA.

August 2010

Oil discovery in Oklahoma, USA where ADR Scanner had previously detected commercial oil

A syndicate of oil investors discover oil on a prospect in Oklahoma, USA, where Adrok’s ADR Scanner had previously demonstrated would contain commercial oil. Adrok’s depth prediction to the main hydrocarbon zone was accurate to 0.3%. Oil was discovered at 7,100ft below ground level in the Wilcox formation.

Adrok Oklahoma PR Document

July 2010

ISO 9001:2008

Adrok assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of geophysical field survey services and equipment

February 2010

Adrok successfully locates oil onshore in the Middle East

January 2010

Field Trials

Adrok successfully pass field trials onshore UK for correctly finding hydrocarbons and classifying subsurface lithology.

December 2009

Adrok sign-up Strategic Partnership deal with an Oil Company in the Middle East.

Adrok Oman PR Document

October 2009

Adrok completes Uranium exploration survey in Canada

June 2009

Innovative Technologies and Approaches at EAGE 2009

Adrok have been selected to present on Innovative Technologies and Approaches at EAGE 2009 in Amsterdam 71st EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2009 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Technical paper and oral presentation entitled: Invisible light imaging and classification of subsurface rocks and rock sequences

March 2009

Registered Trademark

Adrok secures registration status of its Trademark name – “Adrok"

March 2009

The Scottish Oil Club

Adrok sponsors “The 31st Annual Dinner of the Scottish Oil Club 13th March 2009” at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh.

November 2008

PETEX 2008

Adrok makes Presentation at PETEX 2008 conference in Olympia, London.

October 2008

North America

Adrok locates precious minerals beneath lake and onshore North America for an international Mining Company.

March 2008

North Africa

In North Africa an Operator drilled and discovered a gas field on a prospect which Adrok’s ADR scanner had previously demonstrated would contain commercial gas reserves.

February 2008

Adrok completes Scottish Executive SPUR award

September 2007

Journal of Translational Medicine

Journal of Translational Medicine publishes Adrok’s CJD collaborative research with the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Group.

January 2007

Adrok completes First Round Investment

January 2005

Adrok's USA Patent granted

USA patent application number 6864826 now granted, enitled:  

“Radar Apparatus for Imaging and/or Spectrometric Analysis and Methods of Performing Imaging and/or Spectrometric Analysis of a Substance, Dimensional Measurement Identification and Precision Radar Mapping”