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Morocco, North Africa
Oil and Gas fields

Onshore Morocco, thin gas horizons

  • Survey Area located in Morocco, North Africa licensed by Caithness Petroleum
  • Adrok trained on 3 drilled well locations (for gas & sedimentary rock layer signatures)
  • Adrok blind test on 5 locations
  • Surface terrain comprised low lying hills and scrubland
  • Tortonian sand reservoirs
  • Gas horizons were very thin (less than 1m thick).
  • Prospect site was 42km offset from training well location
  • The results of the Adrok survey were compared to the actual drilling results (Adrok presented results before drilling commenced).
  • Adrok produced Virtual borehole log charts
  • No HSE accidents

Composite Log comparing ADR Scanner results with Seismic AVO, & down-hole tools showed that ADR gas layer findings (red dots) were more accurately identified than AVO (green dots).

Client Conclusions