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Adrok technology leads exploration company to oil in Oklahoma

Pioneering technology company Adrok Ltd has successfully located oil in Oklahoma, USA using its cutting-edge scanner technology.

The Edinburgh-based firm was able to pin point the location of hydrocarbons on behalf of a US exploration consortium using is its Atomic Dielectric Resonance (ADR) Scanner.

Adrok identified two areas where significant accumulations of oil and gas were situated. Using Adrok’s detailed subsurface images, the consortium, led by an Oklahoma based oil investor, completed drilling and production testing at the site.

Drilling and testing has confirmed Adrok’s predictions and an initial well has now been completed which currently produces 1,400,000 cubic feet of gas per day and 22 barrels of oil per day (figure 1). The consortium is now planning further drilling activity on the site which is near to Oklahoma City. The Scanner dramatically reduced the need for expensive and time consuming exploratory drilling.

Adrok’s Managing Director, Gordon Stove, said: “This successful exploration activity is further confirmation that our technology brings huge benefits to operators and we look forward to working again with the Oklahoma oil consortium and other companies in the future. We previously worked for another of the investor’s companies in London and it’s a great testament to the technology that he approached us to work with him again in Oklahoma.”

The consortium is one of six exploration companies that have used Adrok’s technology in the field. Adork believes its technology can cut the cost of drilling by 70% through dramatically reducing the number of exploration wells needed.

Adrok’s highly innovative ADR Scanner works by sending a narrow light beam of energy into the ground using micro and radio waves. The beam is then reflected back by the various rock layers and the energy changed by the materials it has passed through on the way.

Reaching proven depths of up to four kilometres, the technology learns how different substances, including hydrocarbons, interact with the light waves passing through them and identifies its composition.

Distinct from alternative technologies, the ADR Scanner is not reliant on interpretation or probability and could potentially save oil and gas operators millions of pounds in unnecessary drilling time.

Figure 1: Adrok's Scanner accurately predicated presence of hydrocarbons between 7000 ft depth in the Wilcox at the prospect selected by client for drilling (Prospect#2).
  1. ADROK was set up in 2000 and has invested £3 million in the development of the technology, primarily from management and shareholders, in addition to government funding. The ADR scanner was commercially launched in 2007.
  2. Adrok develops and uses advanced technology to supply geophysical services for locating, identifying and mapping subsurface natural resources (oil, gas, water and minerals).
  3. Adrok provides its clients with measurements of the subsurface natural resources, rock types and rock sequences before drilling.
  4. Adrok calls its services: Predrilling Virtual Logging ®