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The energy transition refers to the global shift from traditional energy sources, such as fossil fuels, to renewable and more sustainable forms of energy. This transition aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, combat climate change, and create a more resilient and sustainable energy system. The energy mix is a related concept that describes the combination of different energy sources used to meet a region or country’s energy needs. Understanding both concepts is crucial for addressing contemporary energy challenges.

The energy transition and evolving energy mix are central to achieving a sustainable future. They involve complex interactions between technology, policy, economics, and society. By strategically managing these components, the world can move towards a more resilient, sustainable, and low-carbon energy system.

We understand the risks of exploring for oil and gas and our focus is reducing that risk and lower carbon footprints. We like healthy success ratios. So, whether you are Wildcat drilling or exploring known territory, our goal is to add value to your exploration. By non-destructively and remotely sensing the subsrface we Sustainably Extending Resources Life™

Accurate geophysics data during the exploration and appraisal phases of an oilfield project is the key to reducing risk. This is where the Adrok scanner is invaluable. We can either complement seismic activities (our role can be crucial - for example, when liquid is found we can determine whether the resource is water or oil). Or we can be a reliable, accurate, faster, greener and more cost-effective alternative – able to work easily in all terrains, be it jungle vegetation or desert furnace.

Working from Oman to Morocco and Egypt, and from the USA to Australia, our team has worked on an impressive range of hydrocarbon exploration projects. Get in touch with us using our Enquiry Form, or call us to find out where Adrok can fit in your current oil and gas exploration activities.

We have also recently developed the capability to remotely measure subsurface temperature gradients ahead of drilling for Enhanced Oil Recovery monitoring and for geothermal energy mapping. Download paper for more information.