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Our virtual boreholes can save you up to 90% of costs.

Through our scanning technology, we can reduce the cost of your exploratory borehole drilling by 90%

Environmentally friendly exploration promotes the sustainable use of mineral resources. By focusing on efficient resource extraction and reducing waste, these practices ensure that mineral resources are available for future generations. This aligns with the principles of sustainable development, balancing economic growth with environmental stewardship.

The push for environmentally friendly practices drives innovation in the mining sector. Technologies such as Adrok's EM surveying, drone surveying, artificial intelligence, and advanced geochemical techniques not only reduce environmental impact but also increase exploration efficiency and accuracy. This can lead to new discoveries while maintaining environmental integrity.

Environmentally friendly mineral exploration is essential for protecting ecosystems, reducing pollution, mitigating climate change, safeguarding community health, ensuring regulatory compliance, promoting sustainable resource management, enhancing corporate responsibility, and fostering technological innovation. Adopting these practices is not only beneficial for the environment but also economically advantageous for the mining industry.

We know mining companies have a hard job finding target minerals. Sifting through hundreds of prospects to unearth that one economic mining project can be frustrating and time consuming. The exploration and exploratory borehole costs add up. By non-destructively and remotely sensing the subsrface we Sustainably Sustainably Extending Resources Life™

Adrok are in the business of making your exploration activities commercially desireable, feasible and viable.

Our digitally drilling provides measurements of subsurface natural resources, rock types and rock sequences so you know what lies beneath earlier in the project. Whether it is coal beds just below the surface or deeper deposits of uranium and iron, we can provide accurate data to reduce the need for unnecessary drilling.

Our team have worked on mining projects across the world helping clients searching for coal, lead, zinc and gold. Download this example of how Adrok fits into a mineral exploration program. We tailor design surveys to fit your deposit style and desired outcomes.  Presented below is a hypothetical example workflow showing of how ADROK can significantly reduce exploration costs by exploiting the natural physical properties of rocks and sulfides to help delineate the occurrence of lenses of massive sulfides in a layered mafic intrusive such as the world class Talnakh Deposit or Sudbury-type deposits.

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Watch our video on how we help find Sulphide Minerals using our WSCC technology.