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Our virtual boreholes save our clients up to 90% of costs.

Through our scanning technology, we can reduce the cost of exploratory borehole drilling by 90%

We know mining companies have a hard job finding target minerals. Sifting through hundreds of prospects to unearth that one economic mining project can be frustrating and time consuming. The exploration and exploratory borehole costs add up.

Adrok are in the business of making your exploration activities commercially viable.

Our Scanner provides measurements of subsurface natural resources, rock types and rock sequences so you know what lies beneath earlier in the project. Whether it is coal beds just below the surface or deeper deposits of uranium and iron, we can provide accurate data to reduce the need for unnecessary drilling.

Our team have worked on mining projects across the world helping clients searching for coal, lead, zinc and gold. Use our Enquiry Form, or call us to find out how Adrok can reduce the cost of your mining activity.