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Our virtual boreholes can save you up to 90% of costs.

We combine efficient technology with customer service

Our service is hands-on from day one, ensuring at all stages that our client is informed of the survey progress and status. Regular meetings evaluate and appraise the project from all angles.Our partner meetings ensure that all on-site suppliers and partners understand their roles and are acquainted with the project overview.

Our team is always available 24/7 to discuss all matters that may arise. We understand that our clients experience many external pressures (time, budgets, environmental, political to name but a few). And it is our job to help minimise those pressures.

The Adrok scanner is working hard digitally drilling around the world, and is an unrivalled tool in the exploration market - finding the hidden resources so vital to the future of us all. It just works.

Our geophysical survey services are faster, greener and cheaper (typically saving clients up to 90% of the cost of physically drilling a borehole).

And our fees are also transparent. We usually work for a pre-agreed fixed-price during the Exploration and/or Appraisal phase, either as a stand-alone survey service or as a complementary survey to drilling and other geophysical services, like Seismic.

Adrok provides decision-useful information from surfacing value from our subsurface digital drilling measurements. Sustainably Extending Resources Life™

Partnering and alliances bring mutual success


As a fast-growing, high-tech company with an innovative product, we are always looking for opportunities to partner with like-minded geophysical companies. Working together we can win new clients as well as service existing clients.

Adrok have an ambition to stretch our international reach - and partnerships help Adrok acquire more field data in different parts of the world. We already have successful relationships with high quality services partners in the Middle East and in Australia. 


Seismic Contractors

There is a large leap of faith from deciding where to place the First-Drill on the back of a seismic survey.  The purpose of Adrok's survey services is to help derisk the exploration and delineation process for our clients. By combining Seismic structural imagery with Adrok's digitally drilled lithological logs, helps better understand the make-up of the subsurface and in turn helps our clients select where to drill next. 

In addition, Adrok's high-resolution, high-defininition depthing capability can help Seismic interpretters veolicty modelling and depth correcting (instead of having to tie-back to expensive drill holes). 

Drilling Contractors

We also like alliances with Drilling Companies. Teaming up and passing on a faster, greener and cheaper pre-drilling service to their respective clients, ahead of their drilling programme. The benefits of Adrok are shared with the end-client, our drilling partner and ourselves: The drilling company impress their client by providing a cost-effective way to place their drill bit. The end-client should then save money on drilling fewer “dry” holes – imagine a drill programme scenario of 100 drill locations (each drill costing on average $500,000). We could potentially reduce drilling down to 10 locations - just by increasing your subsurface knowledgebase with an Adrok survey.

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