Once in a lifetime a technology comes along that changes everything.
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Our ability to identify and map resources has been the true breakthrough

After obtaining subsurface data received by the scan, we positively identify the substances using two methods: spectroscopy (this turns our wavelength data into a decipherable spectrum), and Dielectrics - where the readings we obtain are compared with our existing table of substance classification (for example, water has a reading of 80, whereas air has a reading of 1).

In addition to classification, the readings can also analyse fluid content and physical characteristic facts - like well logs and rock petrography.

We can also map the length and depth of the substance to an unrivalled accuracy. Because our electromagnetic waves reflect AND absorb we can potentially measure its three dimensional shape and capacity as well as an exact position. So - no more guesswork!

High quality mapping is probably the most important advantages to the Adrok scanner. The more you know about your resource the more you can effectively extract it. Within the oil and gas and mining sectors, substances can now be quantified before extraction. Our technology can also be used to develop further new reserves as well as monitor existing producing resources.

The Adrok scanner can identify liquids - like hydrocarbons or water, and minerals - like Copper and Uranium, and the scanner is portable enough to be used in all terrains and transport – be it desert, jungle, mountain – on a boat, plane, helicopter or truck.