Sample Adrok data

Raw data serves as a fundamental piece of evidence in demonstrating the efficacy of a new process, technology, or theory.

1) Underground scan in Reflection mode ("Stare" scan), showing ground level at approximately 1km distance

We test the ground penetrating ability of a low frequency pulse radar system with a center frequency around 3MHz. We previously (van den Doel et al., 2014) reported experimental results measuring the in-situ attenuation rates through limestone and a reflection mode scan of the surface from 350m below ground. In this study we use this radar system to detect a reflection from the ground surface from 1100m below the ground using reflection mode scans. The main difference with the previous study is an increase of stacking by three orders of magnitude. Previously we stacked 500 traces, with our current setup we stack almost 500,000 traces. Results show a clear reflection in the full stack near 21,500 ns.

Download data here.

Download project publication here.

2) Profile Scan of subsurface

Please explore a sample of our data from one of our Profile Scans ("Pscan"). Transmitter and receiver are 1m apart and moved over a 100m line at constant speed. Each column in the data (CSV format) is a radar trace recorded at a sampling rate of 5GHz.

Download Adrok PScan data.

Drill hole log for comparison.

Download drill hole log data.

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